At Titan Recording we strive to help you achieve your musical goals. recording.html your sound the way you want it, done right the first time.

We achieve this by our use of vintage outboard gear flowing into our state of the art Pro Tools HD rig.When you walk in the door we are ready to go. We understand that you may not have the budget that you want, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your sound because of it. At Titan Recording you will have access to our on site instruments as well, including; Gretch 5 piece drum set, vintage guitars, vintage bass’s, and keyboards/organs.

With our laid back atmosphere you’ll feel right at home compared to many studios to allow your creativity flow. Many inexpensive studios in Los Angeles are about quantity over quality. They may not ask you before you come in what your expectations are, what are you trying to achieve. At Titan Recording we extend an invitation to give us a call or get together for a meeting so everyone is on the same page when you walk in our door.   



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